Lunch & Lessons

Last Friday, I had the honor of being invited to a luncheon attended by many of the Atlanta designers whose blogs I follow.  I have to admit, it was a little surreal having my online world collide with the real world.  Women whose work I have studied in numerous publications, & who I feel I know personally because I read their blogs on a regular basis, were in attendance.  Of course, my natural tendency in intimidating social situations is to become practically mute & simply observe.  I tried my best to mingle, but I was still a little in shock that I was actually a part of the shindig, so I'm not sure I said more than 10 words the whole time.

Sweet Julie from Milk and Honey Home was the one who so kindly invited me to the lunch, & she shared some bits of wisdom on getting started in this business.  Although she was full of good advice, the main thing I took away was this: act like you're supposed to be a part of wherever you are, like you know what you are doing, and others will follow along.  I can be a perfectionist at heart who does not take failure or criticism well.  I have a hard time enjoying the learning process, & making mistakes just about does me in, but the only way to hone your craft is through continuous practice.  Luckily, my mistakes tend to only be detrimental to myself, never to my clients.  The good thing about design is that, unlike my previous profession, mistakes are not life or death matters, just embarrassing (& sometimes what starts as a mistake ends up being the best part of the design!).

I left the luncheon inspired by the beauty of the setting (Lindsey Hene hosted - talk about a gorgeous home!), & by the creative genius of the attendees.  I feel so lucky to have been included in the company of those who inspire me - being invited to an event like this honestly never even entered my realm of possibilities, so to be able to look back & record it here is more than a dream come true.

Hope you have a fabulous week!



  1. Hi Holly -
    Wow! What a great opportunity! I loved your honestly in describing your feelings of insecurity - we have ALL been there! As they say, "Fake till you make it"....I have said that to myself more times than I care to admit.

    Nice to visit you here, after FINALLY answering your email today!