A little break and big news

I'm not going to presume that anyone reading this has been anxiously awaiting my next post.  But I also didn't want my 8 loyal followers to think that I've quit this blogging business.  ;)

Truth is, I am swamped & it's only going to get busier before things even out.  I am lucky to have taken on more clients and to be attending the Haven conference this week in Atlanta.  Big nerves about that one...I don't think I'll know a soul, but I'm hoping to learn a lot & make some new friends.

But the main reason I've been absent (& probably will be for the next few weeks) is because most of my days lately look like this:

That's right.  We are moving.  Again.  But hopefully, this is the last time for a loooong time (maybe even forever?).  And don't be fooled.  That may look like a meager amount of boxes, but I'm packing 4-8 a day in the hopes that I'll be ready when the big day comes in 2 weeks -  it feels like I've already packed hundreds!

We have been looking for our long-term home for a while now.  As in, it's been at least 2 years.  We have very patient family & friends in the real estate/mortgage business.  And our new house deserves a post all itself, but I will share its fun background.  Some of you may recognize the kitchen from places around the web.


Through a series of events that could only have been orchestrated from up above, we purchased the home of Julie from Milk & Honey Home.  And while we do plan to tweak some things to make it our own, we are grateful for the beautiful home Julie & her family have created that will now be our family's place to love & grow.

I'll most likely be busy packing, moving, & trying to squeeze in the last bits of summer over the next few weeks.  I do post to Instagram on a regular basis so follow hcb interiors  for more updates!

Have a fantastic week!


  1. Holly! Congratulations on your new business! And your new house! We'll be neighbors! We live right up the road in Crabapple. AND, I love your new house! We looked at Julie's home when we were house hunting a few years ago (not knowing it was hers) and used MHH when we moved to our current house. LOVE THEM! I'd love to know more about what you are doing!

    1. Thank you Robin! I thought I saw MHH type design in your home pictures on Facebook. :)
      We love Crabapple - what a fun place to live!