It's so fun getting to work with clients across the country.  This summer, I've been busy working on a few different e-designs.  It seems to be a formula that works well: after the consultation, I email a design board to my client, who then goes out & shops on their own.   We stay in contact via email, phone calls, & texting, with lots of pictures & "whaddya think?" to round it out.  A lot of flexibility comes into play, as they can buy either the exact items I recommend or they can use the board as an idea for the room & shop on their own for similar products.

    Even though these projects need to be finished & tweaked, I thought I'd share some of the fun progress that has been made.  I love receiving updated pics of their rooms (remember, these are iPhone pics my clients send me & they're in progress, so please be kind as I know they have put a lot of work into these rooms).

     First up is a master bedroom for a young, newly married couple.  She moved into his bachelor pad, & we've been sprucing it up ever since.  Started out with school bus yellow walls, & fishing rods for wall decor  :)

The design idea board:

     As you can see, changes have been made to the design as she finds things while out shopping.  Instead of the custom drapery made out of the fabric seen on the board, we used World Market's Parker & customized them with a fun trim on the leading edge.  She purchased a remnant of carpet at her local hardware store & had them bind the edges to make a custom size rug for a fraction of the price.  The photo on the left shows the room with all the new bedding but pre-paint & window treatment.  The right shows the paint (BM November Rain), drapes, & the chalk paint bookcase.  She also sent me this pic to discuss floorplan - thinking we will move the bed back to the windows so it can be framed by the drapes.  Furniture placement, wall decor, & final sprucing need to be done, but I'm happy with the changes so far.  And more importantly, so are my clients!

     My next e-client is just getting started in a new career after being at home with her kids, so she wanted a room that would function mainly as her office but could also accommodate overnight guests when needed.  Here is her before:

Guess her pups wanted in on the action :)

The design - lots of warm woods & texture with hits of orange.  The walls are BM Edgecomb Gray, & in real life look more like the sample on the design board than in these phone photos.  (And yes, she knows the drapes need to be changed).  She found the giant board at the Ballard Outlet - a bargain hunter's gem in North Atlanta.  This corner needs more color (& the board needs to be hung), but it's at least functional for now.  Install day is still a ways off: right now we are picking the fabric for the bedskirt, trying to decide on a headboard, & waiting on the bookcase's arrival.  

     Sometimes clients get nervous at this point in the process - nothing is completely done, & it can all seem a bit random.  But Install Day makes all the difference.  And when a client is already excited & happy in the middle of the project (like these 2 are), that means the world to me!

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