Dressing Your Home & Yourself

     Fall is by far my favorite season.  And my home & clothes tend to reflect that: lots of cozy textures, warm neutrals, & subdued prints with hits of color here & there.  I always prefer my fall wardrobe over any other time of the year.  I tend to think that while we can appreciate the colors, textures, scents, & sounds of multiple seasons, we all probably have one season that we favor over all the rest.  Knowing this can help you in dressing both your home & yourself.

     For example, I love the ocean and the colors blue & green.  Both are found throughout my home & wardrobe, more so than any other colors (except neutrals).  But, I could never have a "summery" house because I need that warmth that only fall type colors can provide.  Below are some examples of rooms that I think tend to give off the vibe of certain seasons:

Winter, Spring, & Summer Room Images via BHG
Fall Room Image via
 Architectural Digest
          The "winter" room is full of soft, muted colors with just a hint of shine.  Think snow & icicles on bare tree branches, or the glint of champagne in a crystal glass on New Year's Day.  If you prefer winter, your wardrobe (or home) might include creamy whites, golds, tans, greige, & lots of texture (cable knits, faux fur, etc.).  

      The "spring" & "summer" rooms are similar, but there are differences.  The spring room's warmer tones & drapery show the transition from cold winters to hot summers.  The colors are still a little muted, like spring buds that are emerging but haven't quite blossomed into bright colors.  Spring wardrobes may include both whites & off-whites, lighter hues of color (lavender, spring green, robin's egg blue), & softer textures (like thin cotton sweaters).  

     You can see the difference in the "summer" room immediately.  The whites are pure, the color in the room is both brighter & cooler in hue, & the textures are smooth & slick (the chairs) or rough like the outdoors (the wood table reminiscent of driftwood).  This feels like a room that would provide cool relief from the hot summer sun.  There are no drapes, & only one of the windows shown has any type of coverage at all.  Summer wardrobes hope to counteract the heat of summer: gauzy linens, lots of white, bright colors (inspired by the ocean, sky, 4th of July, etc.), & favor any texture that feels cool to the touch.

     Finally, the "fall" room is full of the colors of harvest time.  Books & throws, cozy fabrics like the velvet on the sofa, creamy paneling, & darker toned woods invite you to snuggle in & prepare for longer days & cooler temps.  But, it's not a dark room - the overall color (on the paneling, built-ins, & rug) is still a light neutral, the paint just barely darker than off-white.  It is the accents in the room that provide a cozier feeling.  Fall wardrobes might consist of jewel tones, darker neutrals, leopard prints, leather, etc.  

     As I mentioned above, the favorite items in my home & wardrobe are "fallish" in feel & color.  To give you an example of how wardrobe can influence home decor & vice-versa, I created an outfit based on the fall room above (designed by the talented Gil Schafer).  The outfit was inspired by the room's feel, but is not an exact copy - the colors refer to each other but aren't matching.    

What's your favorite season?  Is it reflected in your home & closet?

Happy Monday!



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