Before & After - Open Floor Plan Kitchen & Family Room

   My clients, sweet friends who were also our next door neighbors for a short time, hired me last fall to help them turn their new home into the space they envisioned it could be.  While the "before" is a nice space, it wasn't the look they wanted for their home.  One of the things I enjoy about a lot of my clients is their willingness to try DIY projects, and their understanding that a true home can't be built (or decorated) in a day or two.  Taking your time can help to create a home that is really "you" - fewer mistakes made, (hopefully) less money spent, and a sense of who really lives in the home versus who went to the store & bought everything in one shopping trip.  It's hard to build a sense of history if all of your things come from the same place, same season, etc.

Before, the cabinets were the typical wood found in a lot of new builds around the country.  The granite & tile backsplash had been installed by the previous owners, & my clients installed the lighting shortly after moving in (I believe it's from Lowe's).


The breakfast area was devoid of character, and presented a drapery challenge since the door & window are so close in proximity.

The renovated kitchen sports a new coat of white paint on the cabinets, a new color on the walls, custom drapery on the windows, and a new stainless steel fridge (not pictured).  The look is fresh & has a cottage feeling, my clients' preferred style.  I always love to see the wonderful effect paint has on a room.  The old kitchen really was fine, but this light, airy space is so much more THEM - and that is what matters.  


The breakfast area is another great example of the transforming power of paint.  The table is a Wal-Mart (!) clearance find that the homeowner covered with chalk paint.  I love that the table & chairs are two different colors; it adds character & a little pizzazz to the space that might not have occurred if they were all painted the same hue.    

The family room and kitchen are separated by a half wall (seen below).  Like the kitchen, almost everything was some shade of brown or black.  The windows had blinds for privacy but needed some more character.  


A few simple changes really make a difference.  Staying on budget meant working with their current furniture & wall color; she & I have already created design plans for possible changes in the future when time and money allow.  Simple Ikea drapes on the windows & some custom pillows for the sofa are currently the only changes to this room, but the whole room seems lighter & brighter.  


Some details that make the space: she added pleats to the Ikea drapes to give the effect of a more custom look.  The pillows, all made for the space, are a combination of Ikea's fabulous buffalo check and fabric based on the design board that she was lucky to find at our local discount home fabric store.  

The final space currently completed is the powder room.  I don't have a before picture, but it was similar to the rest of the house.  They added trim around the stock mirror, new paint, and custom drapery.  

It has been such a treat to work with these dear clients & friends.  Thanks to them for trusting me with their home!  I hope it brings you much happiness.


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  1. That's a really nice and comfy-looking home. The space looks very intimate, yet with a lot of wiggle room with which to go around and take in the scenery. This can only have been accomplished through solid building plans and floor layout. In any case, this is a rewarding visual tour.

    Co Construct