One Room Challenge Fall 2016 - Guest Bedroom Design Plan, Week 2

Welcome back to week 2 of the One Room Challenge! A quick synopsis - we are participating in the Calling It Home blog challenge, and updating our guest bedroom in just under 6 weeks.  This week, I am presenting my design plan for our windowless basement guest room.

To be upfront with y'all, the only way my husband (aka my electrician, carpenter, and sometimes plumber) and I could fathom being a part of this round's ORC was if we agreed to tackle the room that would take the least amount of effort, time, and money.  So, the majority of the room's elements are things we already have, and we are repurposing them (aka stealing) from other rooms in our home.  Sometimes hoarding collecting pillows, lamps, etc. can come in handy.

We've also made zero progress on the room this week; we escaped to the mountains for a few days during my daughter's fall break, and it was totally worth it.  I'll just have to put that much more effort into this upcoming week!

As for the design of the room, I mentioned in week 1 that I was going for a Southern coastal look.  We love going to the beach, and I wanted to bring the relaxation we feel during our trips to our guests.  It also helps that my in-laws gifted us a painting of the coast that has been in the family for years, and I can use it to tie many of the elements together.  When we researched the name on the back, we discovered that the little-known artist has actually become quite the collector's item.  And while it's not worth millions (or even close), it's neat to know that it does have a history.

The design brings together some of my favorites: buffalo check, toile (either classic or chinoiserie - haven't decided yet), and the color combo of creams and blues.  To address the lack of lighting, both natural and overhead, I'm bringing in a lot of lamps.  In addition, the room will have mirrors on two walls to bounce the lamplight.

The inspiration image is a room I have loved for a long time.  It was designed by Lisa Whitley for a Southern Living home in South Carolina.  I especially love the painting over the bed, and the windows and drapery behind the bed.  That got my wheels turning, and I realized I could give the impression of windows by hanging drapes behind our farmhouse 4 poster bed.  I happen to have some P. Kaufman buffalo check drapes that did not work well in our home but I just couldn't let go of them, so they are getting a second life in this room.  The other fabric in the room will most likely be either Pottery Barn's Matine toile in porcelain blue, or Lacefield Design's Pagodas Seaside.  The walls are Benjamin Moore's White Dove (my go-to white).

Check back next week to see our progress (or lack thereof), and be sure to visit the other participants in the One Room Challenge!

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  1. Love your design plan - it's going to look fantastic! And, I feel you on the progress ... I'm in the same boat. Just too many fun things to do this time of year outside of the home!