One Room Challenge Fall 2016 - The Most Boring Week in the ORC (Week 3)

So this will probably be the most boring One Room Challenge update in history.  Aesthetically, nothing much has happened to the room.  But, we cleaned it out and began organizing the closet.  It felt SO good to purge and put things where they belong, instead of tossing them in a pile and slamming the door shut before the pile escapes.  Lol.  It doesn't seem like we've made a lot of progress, but when I look at the empty space in the closet, it helps ease my ORC jitters.

We had hoped to hang the drapes, but they were full of wrinkles (not surprising, given that they were at the bottom of the giant closet pile), so we will hang them as soon as possible, hopefully this weekend. I also realized that we need to switch out one of the nightstands as there is too big of a height difference between the two we currently have in the room, so we may have to steal a table from elsewhere in the house (or hope for a lucky estate sale find?).  This will also hopefully happen this weekend, although my husband does not get as excited about moving furniture all over the house as I do.  And since a narrow flight of basement stairs is part of the obstacle, I don't think I'll be moving anything by myself.

And that is about all folks.  Not too entertaining, but at least it was short and sweet. ;)

Be sure to check out my fellow participants here.  And thanks as always to Linda from Calling It Home for hosting!


  1. Even purging is progress! And I find it rather cathartic getting rid of stuff that I no longer need! Can't wait to see your updates next week!