Giving Back - National Philanthropy Day

I am so very grateful for the opportunity to follow my dreams and help others create a home.  I am also very passionate about giving back.  From now until the end of the year, I will donate 10% of all proceeds to one of three charities: Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, CURE Childhood Cancer, or Folds of Honor.

And, I will continue to donate in 2017, if you contact me before Dec. 31, 2016.  It's a win-win: you get a new space, and someone in need benefits.  If you're interested, or would like to see more examples of my work, please contact me at hcbinteriors@gmail.com

Thank you for helping others!


One Room Challenge, Fall 2016 - The Big Reveal!

Well, it's the end of the One Room Challenge, and while it's not a huge transformation, I'm happy to say that we have a cozy, clean space to offer our guests and we did it on a tight budget (under $200 to be exact).  When we started 6 weeks ago, the room was a cave-like space in our basement that we used mostly for storage, and would frantically clean every time a guest arrived. Full of plastic storage bins, and lacking both windows and overhead lighting, it didn't exactly scream welcome. The main challenge came in trying to brighten and lighten the space while sticking to a practically non-existent budget (we mainly reused items from around our home).  I think we accomplished our goal.  To see the progress, you can check out my posts from Week 1 , Week 2 , Week 3 , and Week 4/5.  Next up on my to-do list: learn how to use my camera so that taking pictures of a windowless room in a basement isn't such a challenge!

Now on to the reason why everyone is here - the Before and After!

Our Mess

I love the look of the drapes behind the bed.  It creates a layer of coziness and warmth in a room full of hard surfaces and no natural charm.  It also gives the impression of a wall of windows, so it's not quite as obvious to our guests that we are sticking them in our dungeon. ;)

In addition to the lamps placed around the room, we installed this plug-in sconce on the wall right next to the door.  Now you can turn on a light the second you walk in the room, as opposed to walking across a dark room to turn on the lamp on the nightstand, the only option previously for lighting the room.

Every good Southern room needs a little blue and white.  This large wall across from the bed needed something to fill it, especially because this is the view when lying in the bed.  One of our favorite paintings by a local artist of the Georgia shore, surrounded by some of my Blue Willow collection, adds a fun boost of color in a mostly neutral room. 

Before of the wall across from the bed, aka more storage

I added a little seating area/reading nook in this previously unused corner.  Hope it provides a spot for our guests to relax and escape the hubbub of a home with small children. :)

As always, I am so glad we participated in the One Room Challenge.  Thank you so much to Linda for creating the ORC, and for providing encouragement to create a space in your home that you truly love.  Be sure to check out the other participants; there is so much talent out there!

*Edited to add sources and budget

Drapes: P Kauffman Buffalo Check
Bedding: white coverlet - Pine Cone Hill, white shams with monogram - Pottery Barn, blue/gray quilt                 and shams - Tuesday Morning
Tablecloth: Lacefield Designs Pagoda for Ballard Designs
Sconce: Pottery Barn
All other lighting, furniture, artwork: family pieces, gifts, or thrift store finds

BUDGET (about 95% of the room was recycled from other rooms or storage)
Drapes: bartered with a client for design services  $0
Bedding: white bedding was outlet or garage sale finds, blue/gray from a discount store  $80
Tablecloth: purchased on FB garage sale group  $35
Pharmacy style floor lamp: thrift store find $7
Curtain rod: $20

Total Budget: $142


One Room Challenge, Fall 2016 - Week 5

Well, you may have noticed that I skipped right over Week 4 in the ORC.  There just wasn't enough progress to warrant a post.  But, we've gotten a lot more accomplished this week, and I am excited to reveal our revamped guest room next week.  It's not going to be the most dramatic of reveals, but I am so pleased to be able to offer our guests a welcoming space instead of the cluttered dungeon-like room it was up until a month ago.

We hung the drapes along the back wall, and it makes such a difference in the coziness factor.  My dad (who is fairly oblivious to all things design) even commented that it makes it seem like there is a wall of windows hiding just behind the bed - exactly my intention!  The dimensions are a little off since I had to work with what I already own and wasn't able to customize the drapes to the space, but I think it is still as step-up from a windowless room with drop tile ceiling. :)

ignore the wrinkles ;)

I also set up a little reading/relaxing nook in the corner of the room that previously held all of our junk.  Just a tiny bit of an improvement, I'd say. Still waffling over my accent fabric choices (the pillow and throw pictured are just stand-ins), but since it's down to the wire, availability may become my most influential factor.

That's my quick update for now.  See you next week for the reveal!
As always, don't forget to check out the other participants in the One Room Challenge!