Honoring Bobbi - Philanthropy & Design

We are nearing the anniversary of my mom's passing, and while she is never far from my thoughts, these days she is always on my mind.  She was the kindest, most thoughtful person I have ever known, and I've been thinking a lot about her life goals.  She accomplished almost everything on her list, but one thing she always wanted was to be a philanthropist.  I've been trying to figure out how I could continue on with her dream, and I realized that no act is too small when it comes to promoting kindness.  

So, I am offering you a deal: if you write to me by Monday, Dec. 5* and tell me about a philanthropic act that you have performed for others in the past week (or email me by Mon. about something you did over the weekend), I will send you a design idea board, at no charge.  These boards are already designed, so they are not custom, but there will be a few different ones to choose from (i.e. farmhouse, neutral, mod traditional, etc.)

All you have to do is perform a philanthropic act and let me know about it, and you will be sent the design board of your choice.  Pretty easy, right?  Now go spread a little hope and love in this world - just like my mom did every day of her life. :)

*email me at hcbinteriors@gmail.com


Holiday Home Tour

Every year, I look forward to the many holiday home tours that pop up in blogland.  There is so much creativity and inspiration out there! 

Yesterday, I hosted a small brunch at my home and decided to snap a few pics after the fact (had to document a time when the house was clean!).  We haven't finished decorating (we don't even have a tree yet), but I wanted to share just a few snippets of our home during my favorite season.  I've incorporated more fresh greenery this year, and it makes such a difference; it has a presence that allows you to decrease the decor throughout the rest of the room, providing the cozy & simplified feeling I was after.  

(As an aside, if anyone has a photography class or book they can recommend, please share! Our home faces south, meaning some rooms are always too bright and others are always dim; a challenge when shooting interiors.  I'm always trying to improve my novice skills, and would love to learn more!)

Welcome to our home! This year, I finally found a local source for the temple bells I have admired for years.  I love their soft clanging sound, and the contrast of the bells against the greenery.

Our O Holy Night sign from Between You and Me signs always takes a place of pride on the mantel. I added fresh garland on the mantel this year, and it smells so good.  See the plant on the fireplace? Had to move it up there when little fingers kept pulling all the leaves off ;) 

Not sure if I've ever shared a full shot of this side of the room, or at least not a finished shot of the built-ins.  I am so happy with the way they turned out, and even though a few contractors scoffed at me for designing them in a space that only allowed for them to be 8 inches deep, I think they add so much character to the room.  

Fresh greenery, a mini tree in an antique pot, and my girls' silhouettes.  Simple changes to the room that make me love it even more.  

Found this pot over Thanksgiving while visiting my in-laws 200 year old farmhouse, and it is a perfect home for this mini-tree that we will plant in the yard next spring.

The garage door all dressed up with a boxwood wreath (an ineffective attempt to hide the clutter in the garage lol).  And a handprint Santa to send us out the door each day.

The master bedroom received a few small touches of Christmas for the first time - my favorite pillow on the bed and a small wreath hung on the door.

Hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas season! Thanks for visiting our home!