Honoring Bobbi - Philanthropy & Design

We are nearing the anniversary of my mom's passing, and while she is never far from my thoughts, these days she is always on my mind.  She was the kindest, most thoughtful person I have ever known, and I've been thinking a lot about her life goals.  She accomplished almost everything on her list, but one thing she always wanted was to be a philanthropist.  I've been trying to figure out how I could continue on with her dream, and I realized that no act is too small when it comes to promoting kindness.  

So, I am offering you a deal: if you write to me by Monday, Dec. 5* and tell me about a philanthropic act that you have performed for others in the past week (or email me by Mon. about something you did over the weekend), I will send you a design idea board, at no charge.  These boards are already designed, so they are not custom, but there will be a few different ones to choose from (i.e. farmhouse, neutral, mod traditional, etc.)

All you have to do is perform a philanthropic act and let me know about it, and you will be sent the design board of your choice.  Pretty easy, right?  Now go spread a little hope and love in this world - just like my mom did every day of her life. :)

*email me at hcbinteriors@gmail.com

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  1. this is so inspiring. i am sorry to hear about your mom. i am definitely going to do some nice thing and will let you know. it is all ablout spreading love and you are doing a great job