Southeastern Showhouse 2017

I am writing this post as much for my benefit as for anyone else; this home was incredibly inspiring, inside and out, and a recap of my visit seems a great way to remember all the little details.

First, yes, the Showhouse happened in the spring - my husband and I visited in April (home tours are one of my favorite types of day dates).  But! Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle's September issue is all about the Showhouse, so I figure it is still a timely topic.

It was really fun to see the work of so many designers I follow on Instagram and Pinterest (including a few whose paths I have crossed in real life as well).  As lovely as all those little IG squares can be, seeing their work in person was such a thrill. Atlanta, & the South in general, is full of talent and I loved seeing rooms that both inspired and encouraged me. Some of the rooms were so similar to my style and taste (albeit on a different budget lol) that they provided reassurance to continue to trust my gut in my own projects, my personal home included.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get pictures of all of the spaces due to the crowds (yet another reason to check out AH&L) so I'm not able to share every room, but here are some snippets from our visit (prepare for a barrage of iPhone photos):


Anna Braund's hallway - the colors felt both fresh and comforting at the same time.  And I always love it when books pop up in unexpected places; a home that is full of books brings me so much joy.   Anna is from my hometown, and completed one of my favorite local projects (check it out, here).  I would often pass it during walks with my babies while it was still being built, and I was excited to find the interior tour on her website. 


The bedroom by Tristan Harstan ranks as one of my very favorite bedrooms of any showhouse, ever.  I have used these same colors in my own bedroom multiple times in the past, and my design for our new home has many similar elements: checks, florals, blue and white, neutral rug with a hint of blue, pleated lampshades, touches of black and brass, etc. (you can see a hint of it in this IG post), Seeing it all put together so beautifully kicked my plans up a notch.  I absolutely ADORE all of the gorgeous fabric in this room.  I really could have stayed in this room for hours, taking in every detail. 

As I mentioned, the exterior/landscaping details were just as fabulous as the inside of the house.  We took lots of notes as our new yard is pretty bare.  The home overlooked a nearby school/athletic fields; it seemed like it would be fun to sit out on the patio and enjoy the muted roar of the crowd during games.

Tracery Interiors, located in our favorite place to escape (30-A in NW Florida), designed this fun room at the very top of the stairs.  I loved the built-in and the double beds around the window that provided extra room for sleeping/reading.

Sarah Bartholomew's bedroom was a gorgeous example of attention to detail.  I loved the peek of the contrasting fabric on the window treatments, and the use of the red trim throughout the room - especially in the arch of the window area!

Gordon Dunning had a little hideaway spot in one of the home's nooks and crannies.  I thought about taking that rug home with me ;)  These ladies excel in bringing fun and color into all of their spaces, and this room was no exception.

Lauren DeLoach's kitchen was probably the room I was most anxious to see before our visit, and it did not disappoint! The color, fabrics, built-ins, lighting - all just so, so good.  It was traditional with a twist, modern and classic at the same time.  Her portfolio is full of some of my very favorite kitchens; I don't know if I can pick a favorite.

To see more, check out the Showhouse website, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, or the websites of all of the talented designers, including (amongst many others) Tammy Connor, Huff-Dewberry, Phoebe Howard, Chad James, Margaret Kirkland, and Jackye Lanham.

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