Chinoiserie Inspiration

I have long been a fan of Chinoiserie style (my home is full of Blue Willow, Asian inspired toiles, a bamboo chandelier in my daughter's room) but lately I have become infatuated with Chinoiserie panels and wallpaper.  They bring a breath of life and color into a room, and with the extreme cold and gray days we've already had this winter, we could all use a dose of spring.  Our home doesn't get much natural light, and I feel like some colorful, nature-inspired art could help bring a little brightness to the gloom that can pervade on cloudy days.

Just a few of my favorite images:

Amie Corley Interiors (IG)

Amy Berry

Mark D Sikes

Nick Olsen

Society Social (IG)

Summer Thornton

My grandparents loved to travel the world, and my grandmother, an impeccably stylish woman and one of my design inspirations, decorated their home with finds from their trips and pieces from my grandfather's work as a furniture sales rep.  Their home was a beautifully collected space that I did not fully appreciate until I was older (as a kid, I just thought they had a lot of neat stuff to play with and explore).  It was full of pieces similar in inspiration to the images above, which may also have to do with my infatuation - it feels like little pieces of home and childhood.  :)

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